New EP from Flashworx


You gotta’ love them Flashworx guys! Over the weekend they dropped a whole new EP, for free!

The ‘Futurisma’ EP is four tracks of synthesizer heaven. Building on from the sound the forged in their ‘Two Guys In Japan’ EP last year the duo take their SynthWave strongly into Italo territory. Using their synthesizers as brushes to paint a Sci-Fi picture of exploration of the unknown, Flashwox have crated an EP that flow together in an audio narrative of space flights and travel to distant worlds. All with, of course, two feet planted firmly on the dancefloor. The ‘Futurisma’ EP is a definite welcome return for these guys.

Flashworx – Futurisma

Flashworx – Gliese 581

Flashworx – Ms. Chapel

You can download the whole EP in full quality over on Flashworx’s SoundCloud.

Buy Flashworx’s music from:


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