Xeno & Oaklander’s ‘Open Walls’

Xeno & Oaklander

The king & queen of post-Futurist SynthPop, or Minimal Synth, or whatever Xeno & Oaklander return later in  October with a brand new album, ‘Set & Lights’.

‘Open Walls’ is a taste of what you can expect from the new record. Slightly more upbeat than you would expect from X&O. Full of the duo’s trademark icy analog synth work and the interweaving of deadpan and ethereal vocals, the track has all the elements of back room Minimal-Synth there, but also contains something of a bounce to it. It’s a nice compliment to ‘The Staircase’ and bodes well for the forthcoming album.

Xeno & Oaklander – Open Walls

‘Set & Lights’ is released 11th October on Wierd Records.

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