Aimes début album


Following on from Brooklyn based producer Aimes’ single ‘Every Time When I See You’ comes his just released début album.

‘Your Floor Is Now A Tree’ is a raw album, by which I mean it’s electronic, but doesn’t sound sequenced and quantized. It feels like it is being played live on every listen. There’s an excitement and energy that comes with that feeling that suits Aimes, Chillwave, Dreamwave, DiscoPop, Indie-Electro crossover perfectly. A deeply introspective album, both musically and vocally, Aimes conveys a subdued emotional resonance in every song, through chord progression and narrative. You can tell the album is very personal to him. And hey, there’s stuff to dance to here too!

♫ Aimes – Living Like We Do

♫ Aimes – Hard Notes & Love Drugs

♫ Aimes – Wonder Stories

‘Your Floor Is Now A Tree’ is out now on ModyWorks.

Buy Aimes’s music from:

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