Ronika Vs. Ronika


Nottingham’s Madonna, Ronika, has giver her own current single, the amazing vintage DiscoPop ‘Wiyoo’, a gritty club reMix.

Her ‘Own You’ reMix sheds the early 80’s post-New York Disco slickness of the original in favour of buzzsaw analog synths an nod toward electronic groove. The slightly bit crushed FM sounds give the tune the tiniest ChipTune edge. Ronika’s achievement here is blending a fair amount of distorted synths and Industrial-esque noise into an electronic Disco tune without it ever becoming overpowering, the track still sounds smooth and fit for an big room dancefloor. One more Ronika shows us why she’s fast approaching becoming the queen of Disco with an edge.

♫ Ronika – Wiyoo (Ronika ‘Own You’ reMix)

‘Wiyoo’ is out now, and we’ll have some exciting Ronika news in the coming months that I can’t really talk about now, with kinda’ makes me a dick for mentioning in but I was never good at keeping exciting secrets.

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One comment on “Ronika Vs. Ronika

  1. There’s a riff in this that Fred Falke uses (at a greater speed) in his remix of Mini Viva’s I left my Heart in Tokyo.

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