Echoes’ Footprints in the snow

We’re hoping 2011 holds big things for London ElectroPop act Echoes, they’re one of a handful of new bands in the UK who have the talent to take next year by storm. I really think the post-Little Boots/La Roux, post-HURTS, world is ready for this kind of smoother SynthPop.

The guys, full of X-Mas cheer, have recorded a festive tune for this holiday season and it’s proper X-Mas SynthPop stuff. Rousing and uplifting in sound but with a strain of melancholy in the lyrics, it’s got all the elements that an ElectroPop track should have at X-Mas. Bell like synths, tom driven beats, 80’s bassline, and the footprints in the snow imagery is pure genius. This is the kind of X-Mas song we want to hear, the kind of X-Mas song we miss.


Echoes – Footprints

On a side note, I’m starting to wonder if the men of mystery have at least some kind of industry history or backing. Listening to the production on this track, either someone is throwing money at them or they really are that talented. Either way, they’ve giving you an X-Mas present, you are socially obliged to do the same, may I suggest a large helping of your Facebook love.

Echoes @ Facebook

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