Gemini Club Vs. Hey Champ! FIGHT!!!

It’s a meeting of minds in the heart of Chicago. Gemini Club and Hey Champ! should, by now, be well known to readers of electronic rumors and I think, generally, they’ve done the world a favour and unleashed a mighty soundclash on us!

Gemini Club’s recent single ‘Ghost’ gets the Hey Champ! treatment and winds up a chilled Nu-Disco jam that just slides out of the speakers, even when the vocals are being cut-up.

Gemini Club – Ghost (Hey Champ! reMix)

Gemini Club’s take on Hey Champ!’s oft-reMixed ‘Cold Dust Girl’ is an 8 minute electronic epic that never once gets boring. A head on collision between Nu-Disco and Indie-Electro, the track takes a turn for the heart attack inducing at the 4:40 mark.

Hey Champ! – Cold Dust Girl (Gemini Club reMix)

Gemini Club’s ‘Ghost’ is out now.

Gemini Club @ Juno

Gemini Club @ Amazon

Hey Champ!’s ‘Cold Dust Girl’ single can be downloaded from the band’s official site and their album ‘Star’ available now.

Hey Champ! @ Beatport

Hey Champ! @ Juno

Hey Champ! @ Amazon

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