Shiny Disco Club – Millennium Disco; 28 tracks of quality Nu-Disco FREE!!!

Now THIS is how you kick off your weekend!

Those fine folk at Shiny Disco Club Records have put together an insanely good compilation of quality Nu-Disco madness and they’re giving it away for free!

The compilation gives us 28 tracks of pure electronic funky genius from a dazzling array of Disco House talent such as Louis La Roche, Bit Funk, Vanguard, LBCK, Moonchild, Overthrill, Rockets, Xinobi and NightDrugs, just to name a few.

Louis La Roche’s ‘Airwave’ and Overthrill’s ‘Wildchild’ are two fine examples of the dancefloor mayhem you’ll find within and Xinobi’s ‘Varial Kickflip’ is an awesome 80’s solo odyssey that had to be heard to be believed!

Louis La Roche – Airwave

Overthrill – Wildchild

Xinobi – Varial Kickflip

You can check all the tracks on SoundCloud or follow the links for the full download.

Shiny Disco Club @ SoundCloud

Shiny Disco Club @ MediaFire (Part 01)

Shiny Disco Club @ MediaFire (Part 02)

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One comment on “Shiny Disco Club – Millennium Disco; 28 tracks of quality Nu-Disco FREE!!!

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