The Vanish return with ‘Heartbeat’

Things have been quiet from The Vanish camp since the release of their last single, ‘Hold On’ but this week sees the release of ‘Heartbeat’, the second track from their demo EP to be given the single treatment.

The Indie-Disco-Pop ‘Heartbeat’ was my favourite track on the original demo EP, making top ten in electronic rumors’ top 20 songs of 2009, so the single, and it’s stellar reMix line up is most welcome here. Speaking of ‘stellar’, Australians Get Stellar and Beaumont both provide mixes for the package.

That was a terrible segway…………….

Anyway, the Beaumont mix we have for you here isn’t the one appearing on the single, that is an 8-bit Chiptune-Disco affair, this alternate mix is a smooth electronic Pop track in the Starsmith vein that I think I actually prefer. There is a certain epic journey-ness to this mix that can’t help but win you over. Get Stellar’s reMix goes straight for the Electro-Disco jugular that’s just made for late night dancefloor action.

The Vanish – Heartbeat (Beaumont Alt reMix)

The Vanish – Heartbeat (Get Stellar reMix)

Also on the single is the stunning, simple stunning, Barretso reMix, if I can post it I will.

‘Heartbeat’ is our now.

The Vanish @ Beatport

The Vanish @ Juno

The Vanish @ 7Digital

The Vanish @ Amazon

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