Miami Horror’s ‘Moon Theory’ video

Yesterday the excellent Melbourne based SynthPop/Dreamwave act Miami Horror unleashed their new video for the track ‘Moon Theory’.

It’s a chilled groove full of interesting synth sounds with a video produced by Pharm productions that features some kind of space cowboy and, er, other stuff…

The single will come with a reMix package from the likes of Punks Jump Up, Baby Monster, Yacht and this one from Sam La More:

Miami Horror – Moon Theory (Sam La More reMix)

Miami Horror are looking to drop their début album in august. Can’t wait!

Miami Horror @ Beatport

Miami Horror @ 7Digital

Miami Horror @ Amazon

3 comments on “Miami Horror’s ‘Moon Theory’ video

  1. I dig the sound! I’ve got about five tracks from miami horror in my music library so far and I’m adding this one as I leave ER this comment. 😀

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