More from Buffetlibre/Amnesty International’s ‘PEACE’ project


Here at electronic rumors we are still all in with our support for the Buffetlibre DJs and Amnesty International’s PEACE project. Creating a ‘musical atlas’ featuring artists from the four corners the globe the Buffetlibre guys intent is to highlight (and raise a bit of cash to aid) human rights injustices around the world.

The PEACE album will contain more than 150 brand new songs by artists from more than 50 countries!

Always a favourite here, IHARTCOMIX’s The Toxic Avenger returns to contribute for the cause with a blistering slice of his noisy banging electro completely awash with 8-bit craziness and Yellow Magic Orchestra founding member and electronic composition legend, Japan’s Ryuichi Sakamoto donates this ambient electronic soundscape.

The Toxic Avenger – Nu 1553 (zShare) (MediaFire)

Ryuichi Sakamoto (Feat. Christian Fennesz) – Peace (zShare) (MediaFire)

12st April is now the day the album drops, and 12th April is now the day to make your donations!

Peace @ Buffetlibre DJs

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