Plushgun + Buffetlibre for PEACE


I’m really getting into this track, it’s Plushgun’s effort, as reMixed by the Buffetlibre DJs, from their PEACE project in association with Amnesty International.

‘Mixtapes’ a good song with a killer reMix, a brilliant slice of ElectroPop. Buffetlibre have taken the guitar based Indie original and created a high energy track reminiscent of early 90’s SynthPop.

Plushgun – Mixtapes (Buffetlibre reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Buffetlibre and Amnesty International’s PEACE album is out now, you can pick it up, and make your all important donation, here.

Plushgun @ Beatport

Plushgun @ Juno

Plushgun @ 7Digital

Plushgun @ Amazon

One comment on “Plushgun + Buffetlibre for PEACE

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