Video Villain


It strikes this blogger that New Wave band Dead Disco splitting up was one of the best things to happen to UK music in the past few years. On the one hand it gave us Little Boots, and on the other it allowed Marie and Lucy to follow their own path.

That path is Video Villain, who’s demo. I am absolutely loving.

A combination of noisy beats and low-fi synth work provide the backing for some seriously catchy songs, which culminates in something that somehow manages to be raw and harsh yet at the same time incredibly poppy.

There’s nothing really to compare VV to, you’ll hear bits of Curve, maybe bits of Crystal Castles, but the girls have got more of a cool, rock ‘n’ roll, swagger to them. Imagine a bunch of late 70’s New York punks locked in a room with a couple of Korg MS-20’s…

Visit their MySpace page to sample some tracks  from Video Villian’s demo.:

Video Villain @ MySpace

And check this reMix of ‘Low’ from Modernaire:

Video Villain – Low (Modernaire reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

My wish for Video Villain is that when they get signed (and they will get signed) the lucky label doesn’t get some producer to polish them up.

Dirty, grungy Electronica all the way!

Currently unsigned (a travesty!), head on over to their MySpace to show them some love and while you’re there pick up a copy of their limited edition demo..

Video Villain @ MySpace

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