Video Villain’s ‘Fearless’ video

It looks like all things Video Villain are about to blow up! The girls have premiered their first proper music video, for ‘Fearless’ and it’s pretty damn slick.

As a music fan, writer, promoter and musician myself it’s always really exiting to watch a band from infancy to something really special. e.r. was, I believe, the first place to write about Lucy and Marie, way back in the distant past of February 2009, after they rose from the ashes of a broken Dead Disco. Carving their mark with raw, emotive electronics on a Little Boots obsessed summer you could tell they were, and still are, bound for greatness.

It’s taken a while but with a brand new website, their first live show supporting Midnight Juggernauts, the video for ‘Fearless’ and an EP due out it seems like Video Villain’s time is finally here. A change really is going to come!

A dark and dangerous video, like VV’s music and a great introduction to the band. I also really like Lucy and Marie’s face-to-face synth rig, I hope they carry that over into their live shows,

Keep your ear to the ground for Video Villain news and go show them some of your finest MySpace love!

Video Villain @ MySpace

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