[Video] Zoot Woman’s ‘Don’t Tear Yourself Apart’


Zoot Woman   Don´t Tear Yourself Apart  Official Video    YouTube

In case you keep forgetting (as we do) that the amazing UK SynthPoppers Zoot Woman are back, and have a new album Star Climbing coming out, here’s their latest single Don’t Tear Yourself Apart; in video form.

Uwe Flade directs this fairground clip, it’s chaotic lightshow reflecting the multi layered synth noise of the track.

Zoot Woman’s Star Climbing is released 1st September.

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[Audio] Zoot Woman’s ‘The Stars Are Bright’


Zoot Woman

Well this came out of nowhere! Renowned UK SynthPoppers, and one time band of Mr. Stuart Price, Zoot Woman unleashed a brand new single on an unexciting world this week. Taken from their long awaited, and mostly believed to be fictional, forthcoming new album Star Climbing it’s our first hint of what Adam and Johnny have been doing with their time away.

It’s very, very good. A SynthPop epic that flirts with an experimental attitude whist keeping things truly Pop based. The combination of sweet and catchy and abrasive has always worked well for Zoot Woman, and moreso here. The synths are dirty, grimy, and rough, but compelled to conform to a melodic Pop song. The beats relentless and pounding, but acting to drive the passionate vocal onward. There’s been a Zoot Woman shaped hole int he SynthPop world for a few years now, and this slice of noisy bliss will go some way to fill it.

♫ Zoot Woman – The Stars Are Bright

Zoot Woman’s The Stars Are Bright is out now.

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Zoot Woman new EP


Zoot Woman, that bastion of UK slick, ultra-stylish, ElectroPop release a new single today, titled ‘Just A Friend Of Mine’.

The single, from Stuart Price’s sometime band, is supported with reMixes by Dinamics, The Penelopes and SomethingALaMode and it’s the SALM mix that we can preview for you here. Melding dirty Electro with dramatic orchestration births a unique dancefloor tension, the distorted synths and violin clashing to create a nervous energy that really works as a counterpoint to the Poppy vocals.

Great stuff!

Zoot Woman – Just A Friend Of Mine (SomethingALaMode reMix)

‘Just A Friend Of Mine’ is released today via Citizen Records.

Zoot Woman – @ Beatport

Zoot Woman – @ Juno

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