[Audio] Jupiter reMix Yan Wagner

Yan Wagner

French producer Yan Wagner’s recent Forty Eight Hours album didn’t leave out MP3 player for very long in the latter half of 2012. A Housey, ElectroPop opus that deserved wider attention. Yesterday the single Changed from the album was released, and alongside reMixes from Arnaud Rebotini, The Hacker and Tristesse Contemporaine sits this version from one of our favourite ElectroPop duos, Jupiter.

Jupiter get busy with their playful DiscoPop style all over the track. Their now trademark bouncy bass is at the fore of the track, providing a rock solid, funky, bedrock for layers of spikey tones and cosmic synths to dance around the tracks four and a half minutes. A stark contrast to Wagner’s deadpan, Factory-esque style, this meeting of styles works infinitely better than it should, more power to Jupiter for pulling it off. By the time the reedy synth solo kicks in you can;t help but be totally hooked.

♫ Yan Wagner – Changed (Jupiter reMix)

Yan Wagner’s Changed single is out now.

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Yan Wagner reMixes Tristesse Contemporaine

Tristesse Contemporaine

Parisian Indie-Electro trio Tristesse Contemporaine actually comprises a Brit, a Swede and a Japanese girl and are about to release their second single, ’Hell is Other People’, later this month. It’s an interesting, introspective ElectroPop track. Quite minimal, quite moody. reMixes are supplied by Chloe, Clement Meyer and this track from real French Parisian Yan Wagner.

Mr. Wagner takes things into a slightly more upbeat, ElectroPoppy place with his reMix, but keeps things in an atmospheric, brooding place. The subdued vocal works really well with this new urban futuristic backing. Sparse dance beats and a bouncy bassline make a nice core for the more ethereal elements of the track, shimmering synth hooks and floaty pads. Interesting, Intelligent, ElectroPop.

Tristesse Contemporaine – Hell Is Other People (Yan Wagner Film Noir Mix)

Tristesse Contemporaine’s ‘Hell Is Other People’ is out 25th June on Pschent Music.

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