[Audio] Gorgon City’s ‘Here For You’



UK House producers extraordinaire Gorgon City have unleashed their latest slice of (presumably) chart climbing Pop/UK Deep House crossover. London based singer Laura Welsh lends her considerable vocal talent to this one. Fresh rom producing Klaxons’ current single There Is No Other Time, Gorgon City turn in an absolute stormer of their own.

Welsh’s breathy vocals are the perfect foil for Gorgon City’s sub heavy House track. The duo lay down a nice mix of euphoric synths and dark, rumbling, club bass. The perfect festival belter, you can expect to hear this one a lot over the summer. A track of two sides, one minute Welsh’s voice and hazy synths draw you into the song, the next the speaker shaking bass kicks you in the face. Just how we like it.

♫ Gorgon City (Feat. Laura Welsh) – Here For You

Gorgon City’s Here For You is released 15th June.

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[Audio] Disclosure & London Grammar’s ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’ reMixed by Paul Woolford



UK Producer of the moment Paul Woolford has turned in this glorious head nodding reMix of Disclosure’s London Grammar featuring Help Me Lose My Mind. A reMix so good it’s getting it’s own release alongside a Dub version int he coming weeks. What happens when you mix up Disclosure’s UK Deep House with an infectious old school piano hook? Dancefloor insanity, that’s what!

Snappy beats dominate the track, part Chicago, part Garage, the pop away in the background laying the foundations for layers of spacious synths. Take the piano and bass away from Woolford’s mix of Help Me Lose My Mind and it’s quite a floaty, dreamlike tune, but that razor sharp bassline and rolling, infectious, House piano keep the track constantly in sharp focus. Hannah Reid ethereal vocals are just the icing on the cake.

♫ Disclosure (Feat. London Grammar) – Help Me Lose My Mind (Paul Woolford reMix)

Disclosure’s Help Me Lose My Mind is released 28th October.

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