[Audio] Gorgon City’s ‘Unmissable’


Gorgon City

Get on-board with London House producers extraordinaire Gorgon City. With their début album looming on the October horizon, the duo are gearing up to release their next single from the LP. This one enlists the talents of British singer Zak Abel for vocal duties and draws a neat line between UK Deep House and a more soulful strain of Pop. Check out Unmissable below.

Unmissable is immediately infectious, both for a passionate, introspective vocals and the big bass warps. It would be all to easy to get lost int he big bass and skippy hi-hats on the dancefloor, but this one will surprise you with it’s big, catch Pop chorus. Epic and anthemic, the chorus, and the big breakdown, lend the track and energetic excitement in the perfect meeting of two worlds.

♫ Gorgon City (Feat. Zak Abel) – Unmissable

Gorgon City’s Unmissable is released 29th August.

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[Audio] Roni Size reMixes Gorgon City’s ‘Here For You’


Gorgon City

House producers of the moment Gorgon City’s Here For You isn’t even out yet and it’s already doing massive things. The forthcoming release features a plethora of reMixes, including this one from Reprazent Head Honcho and Bristol Drum & Bass legend Roni Size. Gearing up for his own forthcoming released, and the resurrection of Reprazent, Size paves the way with this full-on reMix.

Laura Welsh’s vocals seem perfectly at home amongst the frantic beats and rumbling bass. Roni Size delivers a high-octane tune right her, firmly falling in the synthetic, rather than jazzy, end of the Roni Size spectrum. The deep robotic subs and jump-up beat power the track at 200 miles per hour, dragging with the airy pads and the soulful vocal line. This is classic Size, it’s like he never left.

♫ Gorgon City (Feat. Laura Welsh) – Here For You (Roni Size reMix)

Gorgon City’s Here For You is released 15th June.

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[Audio] Gorgon City’s ‘Here For You’



UK House producers extraordinaire Gorgon City have unleashed their latest slice of (presumably) chart climbing Pop/UK Deep House crossover. London based singer Laura Welsh lends her considerable vocal talent to this one. Fresh rom producing Klaxons’ current single There Is No Other Time, Gorgon City turn in an absolute stormer of their own.

Welsh’s breathy vocals are the perfect foil for Gorgon City’s sub heavy House track. The duo lay down a nice mix of euphoric synths and dark, rumbling, club bass. The perfect festival belter, you can expect to hear this one a lot over the summer. A track of two sides, one minute Welsh’s voice and hazy synths draw you into the song, the next the speaker shaking bass kicks you in the face. Just how we like it.

♫ Gorgon City (Feat. Laura Welsh) – Here For You

Gorgon City’s Here For You is released 15th June.

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[Video] Klaxons’ ‘There Is No Other Time’


Klaxons   There Is No Other Time   YouTube

This is the video for Nu-Rave heroes Klaxons, stomping new single There Is No Other Time, a bass pulsating slice of House tinged ElectroPop

An energetic clip, revelling in darkness and neon. All video screens and futuristic urban imagery. Very Klaxons.

Klaxons’ There is No Other Time is out now.

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[Audio] Klaxons’ ‘There Is No Other Time’



Last week saw the re-emergence of Nu-Rave icons Klaxons. After indulging their Rockier side in the past few years their new comeback single, There is No Other Time, produced by future House Superstars Gorgon City, see them delve back into the waters of electronic music and showing just as much love for 90s Dance classics as they did when the first erupted on the scene.

The first tracks to be taken from their forthcoming summer album, There Is No Other Time rides a pulsating bassline that drive the track ever forward. With hints here and there, in the piano line and the vocal mantra, of Dance music classics of the past There Is No Other Time serves up a selection of live synths and Indie euphoria. A surprisingly good hint of what’s to come on their James Murphy, Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands, and Erol Alkan producer new record.

♫ Klaxons – There Is No Other Time

Klaxons’ There is No Other Time is released 23rd March.

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