[Audio] Klaxons’ ‘There Is No Other Time’



Last week saw the re-emergence of Nu-Rave icons Klaxons. After indulging their Rockier side in the past few years their new comeback single, There is No Other Time, produced by future House Superstars Gorgon City, see them delve back into the waters of electronic music and showing just as much love for 90s Dance classics as they did when the first erupted on the scene.

The first tracks to be taken from their forthcoming summer album, There Is No Other Time rides a pulsating bassline that drive the track ever forward. With hints here and there, in the piano line and the vocal mantra, of Dance music classics of the past There Is No Other Time serves up a selection of live synths and Indie euphoria. A surprisingly good hint of what’s to come on their James Murphy, Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands, and Erol Alkan producer new record.

♫ Klaxons – There Is No Other Time

Klaxons’ There is No Other Time is released 23rd March.

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