[Download] The Villars’ ‘Take Control’ (+ Sohight & Cheevy, Serj V and Phalanxes Of Fingers reMixes)


The Villars

We haven’t heard from Russian label Wearerussians.com for a little while, but they’ve just released a new single, free as usual, which immediately reminds us of how shockingly good the producers in this collective are. Having previously taken many Nu-Disco and SynthWave producers to school, the label is turning it’s attention to a more House-y vibe with the new release from Saint Petersburg native The Villars. With a packed reMix package that includes work from label staples like Sohight & Cheevy, Serj V and Phalanxes Of Fingers.

The Villars’ original version of Take Control is full on a Chicago House monster. A total warehouse vibe with some pretty nostalgic early 90s style vocals set to some dark, abrasive, but funky, synth work. Sohight & Cheevy keep the retro House vibe going but up the energy levels a bit. The riffs are bigger, the bassline is bigger, the beats are bigger, as Sohight & Cheevy wrap the tune in a euphoric piano hook and punchy bass. Phalanxes Of Fingers’ mix walk the line between Deep House and Bleep House, and may be out favourite of the package. A deep groove rolls along of thick, dark, bass tones while an early Warp Records-style lead draw the listener into the track’s electronic black hole. Definitely one for the strobe lights. Elsewhere Serj V brightens things up with a House track with more than a little air of LA Dreamwave about it. It’s bright synths and playful arpeggios being the happy high-point of the single. These three sit alongside work from Ovrkl The Frost and Johanssen, an amazing reMix package that you can pick up for free here.

The Villars – Take Control (Phalanxes Of fingers reMix)

The Villars – Take Control (Sohight & Cheevy reMix)

The Villars – Take Control (Serj V reMix)

The Villars – Take Control (Original Mix)

The Villars’ Take Control is out now, get it here.

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[Audio] Serj V’s ‘Extreme Night’


Serj V

The Russians are back! Once again some of the best Dreamwave and Nu-Disco around is coming from Russia, this time in the form of the new single from St. Petersburg’s Serj V. The oddly titled Extreme Night is released next month and comes equipped with a host of reMixes from some of Russia’s up and coming talent.

Extreme Night, despite it’s rather aggressive title, is a smooth slice of laid back Boogie. Loaded with thick, warm bass and atmospheric chords, it’s a dreamy tune that flows like water. As silky synths rub shoulders with a slick House beat and echoing arpeggios the track delivers it’s vacation groove in the form of a rolling purcussion accompaniment. The reMix package hold a whopping seven reMixes containing some classic House and Disco cuts. The standouts, for us, are Homkore Chicago House take on the track, Mikael Fas’ laid back mix that up’s the Boogie factor, Olej’s heavy LA Funk meets Cosmic Disco rendition and  Eclectic Sound’s mix, which rounds of the EP with some chilled G-Funk and bouncy synth Disco. It’s a really solid collection of tunes, with a style to fit into most summer nights DJ sets.

♫ Serj V – Extreme Night (Original Mix)

♫ Serj V – Extreme Night (Homkore reMix)

♫ Serj V – Extreme Night (Mikael Fas remix)

♫ Serj V – Extreme Night (Olej reMix)

♫ Serj V – Extreme Night (Eclectic Sound reMix)

Serj V’s Extreme Night is released 20th May.

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The Frost’s ‘That’s Life’ EP

the frost

We first came across Russia’s The Frost reMixing Voyagers ‘Lovers’ track, they have now dropped their own EP, and it;s three tracks of synthy Disco goodness.

‘That’s Life’ is a gorgeous, full Nu-Disco tune that takes a laid back approach to things. With some of the best use of sound I have heard in a while the track plays with sonics to create, almost eerie, atmospheres that haunt, what is, a seriously smooth groove. reMix duties come manned by Serj V, a producer we’re definitely keeping an eye on, who makes thing a tad more synthetic with his future Italo mix which mixes the ghostly Funk of the original with a Disco bass, and Sergey Spell, who opts for a Tropical approach and brings things straight to the beach part. ‘that’s Life’ is a pretty killer début EP. Russia is doing it right now!

♫ The Frost – That’s Life (Original Mix)

♫ The Frost – That’s Life (Serj V reMix)

♫ The Frost – That’s Life (Sergey Spell reMix)

Check out more from The Frost on SoundCloud.