Voyager’s ‘Lovers’


The collective is just going from strength to strength and fast becoming the focal point for the Russian retro synth scene. Their latest release is the new single from Voyager.

Voyager are the duo of Dmitry Filimonov and Anton Shato from our favourite Russian city, Saint Petersburg, and they are making some pretty sweet funky analog ElectroPop. With ‘Lovers’ Voyager, like many of their W.A.R. contemporaries take a Dreamwave slant to their tunes with lush synth pads and an 80s styling, but there’s also a uniqueness to their combination of big nostalgic Electro and introspective ElectroPop, which is where the melodies come from. Add to that some crooning vocals and the result is something apart from the crowd. The EP, which is free by the way, comes loaded with reMixes. Our favourites are The Frost instrumental take, a peak time Nu-Disco tune that’s the floor-filler of the package, Serj V smooth, funk laden, beach Disco mix, full of filtered goodness,  and Phalanxes Of fingers stripped back SynthPop version, which is RoboPop at it’s finest.

Voyager – Lovers (Original Mix)

Voyager – Lovers (The Frost Instrumental reMix)

Voyager – Lovers (Serj V reMix)

Voyager – Lovers (Phalanxes Of Fingers reMix)

Check out more from Voyager on SoundCloud.

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