[MP3] Zimmer reMixes Rod Stewart’s ‘Da’ Ya’ Think I’m Sexy?’



Let’s send you into your weekend with something a little funky and a little fun. One of out favourite French producers, Zimmer, the master of horizontal Disco, has seen fit to deliver a stomping rework of Rod Stewart’s 1978 cheesefest Da’ Ya’ Think I’m Sexy?.

Not to sure what to say about this really, you’ll either love it or hate it. Zimmer whips up a pumping bassline and a killer beat to add to this monster. A sweet amount of Cosmic Disco synth warbling is along for the ride too, but your opinion of this track will still rest on whether you are amused by the tracks instantly recognisable riff and Stewart’s cringe-worthy vocals, or depressed by them. We definitely fall into the amused camp, put a smile of your face this weekend.

Rod Stewart – Da’ Ya’ Think I’m Sexy? (Zimmer Rework)

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