Rave Me’s début EP

rave me

OK, fist up Rave Me is a terrible terrible name. Shudder. Sometimes I really don’t think producers care about how their music is presented to the public. I got sent Rave Me’s new EP from Keiz Beats, a label I trust, so I listened to it, if it had come form an unknown source, with a name like that, I would have probably passed it over.  Right, now I have got that out of my system, Rave Me is a 17 year old Ukrainian producer who is actually making some awesome tunes, so it’s a good job I did end up checking it out.

This insanely young producer is mashing up Electro-House and SynthWave into one powerful, noise and emotive dance monster, and with no releases recently from Danger, we kinda’ need someone doing this. His ‘Dance’ EP (this kid really isn’t good with names) kicks off with ‘Round’, a massive stomping Electro track that comes at you with chainsaw synths. This leads into the rest of the EP which contains a few, more Pop oriented, tracks. These tracks, like ‘With You’ are surprising beasts, starting you off with plumbing Electro then dropping a slick vocal on you. It makes for a weird combination, but the mixture of jackhammer stadium Electro and big anthemic vocals works incredibly well. Then out of nowhere Rave Me drops a track like ‘That Night’, a Ukrainian take on Chromeo’s Funk. Sure, the EP is a little rough around the edges, the production could be smoothed out a little, maybe mastered properly, and that name (oh that name!), but all-in-all this is a damn impressive, and mature, début from this youngster and one that it is definitely worth checking out.

Rave Me – Round

♫ Rave Me – With You

♫ Rave Me – That Night

♫ Rave Me – Dance

The EP is released 4th June.

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