Michael Senna & Peter Zohdy

Michael Senna & Peter Zohdy

Michael Senna & Peter Zohdy are a pair of Danish producers who are gearing up for the release of their new single, ‘All In Vain’.

It’s a big room ElectroPop/House track with retro Disco edge. It’s the bassline that does it, the bassline and the icy synth hits, both are pure ‘80’s sounds that have been folded into a peak time House track to give it a New Wavey flavour. Add to that some floaty deadpan vocals and our beloved synth toms and you have this strange mixture of euphoric House and late night analog Disco. the B-Side, ‘Dirty Talk’ continues the vintage sound theme into almost Bleep House territory for a truly retro slice of dance music. The EP also comes with a Techno’d up mix from Blonde:Ish.

Michael Senna & Peter Zohdy – All In Vain

Michael Senna & Peter Zohdy – Dirty Talk (Original Mix)

‘All In Vain’ is out now.

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