[Audio] Maya Jane Coles & Karin Park


Maya Jane Coles

Well this is the kind of thing that will get out interest! Our favourite purveyor of deep, mysterious, funky sounds Maya Jane Coles teaming up with top Swedish InustroElectroPop star Karin Park. Two artist we really dig, getting together? Always cause of excitement. This tune, Everything, is the second track from Maya’s forthcoming début artist album, Comfort.

Everything launches itself with shuffling percussion and growling bass tones, building the enigmatic mood as Karin’s slightly abrasive lament rings out. The track takes it’s time to accustom you to it’s mood, before gradually evolving, layering new sound and new percussion, until it busts in almost euphoric style. Both Maya and Karin are masters of creating atmosphere in their respective genres, so it’s no surprise that Everything is loaded with drama and emotion, all the while pinned down my that funky-as-hell, deep deep Maya Jane Coles House groove.

♫ Maya Jane Coles (Feat. Karin Park) – Everything

Maya Jane Coles’  Everything is out now.

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