[Video] Icona Pop’s ‘All Night’


Icona Pop   All Night  Official Extended Video    YouTube

This is the video for ElectroPop rabble rousers Icona Pop’s presumable soon-to-be smash hit All Night, that’ll be more shouty, chaotic, thumping Pop music then.

Dori Oskowitz directs the clip, which is 30% celebration of New York’s ballroom scene, 70% product placement. But, hey, we’ve all got to earn a living.

This duo’s début album, to be titled This Is… with drop in September.

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[Audio] Icona Pop’s ‘It’s My Party’


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It’s My Party has been kicking around since the early-60’s Lesley Gore original, but y’all probably know it best from 1981’s SynthPop classic version from Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin. It’s a song with numerous covers under it;s belt, the most recent coming from those Swedish exponents of raucous ElectroPop Icona Pop. Actually, that;s not strictly true, the girls haven’t exactly covered the song, more just lifted the chorus, as is their wont, to create something new.

Featruing a laid back flow, and some general chit-chat, from Brooklyn MC Zebra Katz, Icona Pop’s take on It’s My Party is a bass booming, anthem canting, surprising melting pot of ideas. Icona Pop’s now-trademark, shouted vocals and abrasive synths sit alongside a thick Hip Hop influenced Dance Pop. The duo’s début album is due next month, it’ll be interesting to see whether they can deliver a range of moods.

♫ Icona Pop (Feat. Zebra Katz) – My Party

Icona Pop’s début album, titled This Is… with drop in September.

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[Audio] Icona Pop’s ‘All Night’


icona pop

Swedish ElectroPop duo Icona Pop have, in a very shot time, gone from being relegated to smaller blogs dealing with ElectroPop to being massive superstars. I Love It and Girlfriend blew up big time, and deservedly so, the girls deliver big room commercial House sounds mixed with rowdy, shouty, EelctroPop that makes for an explosive and infectious combination.

Their new tune, All Night doesn’t stray to far from the formula, competing big beats, chainsaw synths and hollered, anthemic vocals that are easy to catch. Icona Pop are something truly different in the world of Pop, and maybe the kick in the ass it needs. I can’t think of anyone around at the moment who can balance this kind of in-you-face Pop with Indie cool, but these girls do so effortlessly.

♫ Icona Pop – All Night

This week the duo confirmed that their début album, to be titled This Is… with drop in September.

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Icona Pop’s new video

Totally addictive ElectroPop from Icona Pop in their new video ‘Night’s Like These’.

The girls go a bit Thelma & Louise in this new clip, which also features some awesome cars.

Icona Pop have just released their ‘Night’s Like These’ EP, which includes their first single ‘Manners’.

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