[Audio] Icona Pop’s ‘It’s My Party’


icona pop

It’s My Party has been kicking around since the early-60’s Lesley Gore original, but y’all probably know it best from 1981’s SynthPop classic version from Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin. It’s a song with numerous covers under it;s belt, the most recent coming from those Swedish exponents of raucous ElectroPop Icona Pop. Actually, that;s not strictly true, the girls haven’t exactly covered the song, more just lifted the chorus, as is their wont, to create something new.

Featruing a laid back flow, and some general chit-chat, from Brooklyn MC Zebra Katz, Icona Pop’s take on It’s My Party is a bass booming, anthem canting, surprising melting pot of ideas. Icona Pop’s now-trademark, shouted vocals and abrasive synths sit alongside a thick Hip Hop influenced Dance Pop. The duo’s début album is due next month, it’ll be interesting to see whether they can deliver a range of moods.

♫ Icona Pop (Feat. Zebra Katz) – My Party

Icona Pop’s début album, titled This Is… with drop in September.

Buy Icona Pop’s music from:

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