[Audio] Icona Pop’s new single



Swedish mega-duo Icona Pop have unleashed their forthcoming new single on the world, or possibly new single. The girls claim it’s a ‘taste of what’s to come’, but it sure sounds like single material. We say that because it’s probably the most accessible thing these two have done to date, not that their previous offerings weren’t accessible, but this is pure summer Pop.

Borrowing the chorus from 2Pac’s Me & My Girlfriend, Girlfriend starts off in a typically Indie-Electro vein, before launching into unadulterated, big and bolshie, power Pop. The unrelentingly energetic vocals, ring out like a call to action over some of the slickest produced chainsaw synths this side of 2009. This is going to be on the radio. A lot. I’d learn to deal with it if I were you.

♫ Icona Pop – Girlfriend

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