[Audio] I Am Noxious’ ‘Watch My Ship Go Down’


I Am Noxious

It’s been absolutely ages since we heard anything from Danish artist I Am Noxious. We honestly didn’t;t know is he was still in the business or not. His deeply introspective brand of Bedroom Pop has been with us almost since out inception, beck when Bedroom Pop was a recognized ‘thing’. So, it was a surprise to us when he delivered a brand new tune into our inbox, Watch My Ship Go Down. A tune with proves he’s lost none of his reflective flair, but adds a little bombast to the mix.

Listening to Watch My Ship Go Down you can quite easily slip back into the I Am Noxious groove. That comfortable, personal vibe given off by his music is still present in these new recordings. It’s a pensive track, resting on a combination of toytown beats and gently piano supported by swirls of vintage sounding synths. T’s vocals convey an intimate quality, as with the best Bedroom Pop, but Watch My Ship Go Down also has a surprisingly euphoric chorus up it’s sleeve. A great Monday morning track.

♫ I Am Noxious – Watch My Ship Go Down

Check out more from I Am Noxious on SoundCloud.

I Am Noxious’ new single


It’s been ages since we’ve heard from Bedroom Pop artist I Am Noxious, like seriously years.

But he;s back with a new single, a re-recorded and produced track you may have heard before (we first posted it about this time last year). The new production and professional polish has, thankfully, not stripped Mr. T of his quirky introspective sound. ‘Stranded On Love’ is a cute, catchy tune that sounds pretty slick whist keeping to I Am Noxious’s Bedroom Pop roots. Despite the undercurrent of melancholy, I Am Noxious’ tracks always manage to cheer us up, so ‘Stranded On Love’ is a welcome start to a long week.

♫ I Am Noxious – Stranded On Love

‘Stranded On Love’ is released today on Easy Tiger Records.

Check out more from I Am Noxious on SoundCloud.

I Am Noxious’ début single

I Am Noxious finally got label backing and is gearing up to drop his first single.

‘Flashback Tears’ will be released on Easy Tiger Records and in preparation Mr. T has premiered the video.

The song is a confident and impressive début. A reworking of an old IAN tune it’s suitably upbeat and catchy to hook new listeners in yet still maintaining the I Am Noxious quirkiness we all love.

The video, too, is a really well edited three minutes of quirk.

Here at electronic rumors we’re really pleased that things are starting to happen for I Am Noxious and are expecting great things in the coming year.

‘Flashback Tears’ is released 21st Febuary in Denmark and digitally, until then check I Am Noxious out at Facebook

I Am Noxious @ Facebook

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Some X-mas cheer from I Am Noxious…kinda’

More X-mas tunes for you, this time courtesy of our favourite Bedroom Pop producer I Am Noxious.

Or is it an X-mas tune? In Mr. Noxious’ own words “It’s a X-mas song. Well it’s not really. But it’s got bells, a melancholic pop melody, naive lyrics and the word “Snowman” in the song title so basically it is… But it’s not.

Well, it sounds X-massy to me, in that particular self-deprecating British way all the best 80’s X-Mas Pop tunes were. With it’s nice use of electro toms and arpeggios in a sleigh-bell kinda’ way and it’s optimism-in-the-face-of-adversity it seem to me to sit in the same X-mas category as Jona Lewie’s ‘Stop The Cavalry’. Or maybe, as the listener, I am just as naive as the metaphorical titular snowman, but this song makes me think of School Discos and mistletoe.

I Am Noxious – The Snowman

Keep an eye on I Am Noxious’ MySpace, I’m sure he has big plans for the new year!

I Am Noxious @ MySpace

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New I Am Noxious track

Why isn’t Mr. T signed yet? It’s pretty baffling.

Well, as long as he hasn’t got a record label breathing down his neck he’s gonna’ keep letting me share his tracks with you lot!

His latest I Am Noxious track, ‘Flashback Tears’ may be his best yet, despite the underlying melancholy in his music this track is surprisingly uplifting. this track sounds like it’s moving slightly away from his usual Bedroom Pop style in to an almost Passion Pit/Miike Snow Indie-Electro territory, but with more of a cheeky British edge.

I Am Noxious – Flashback Tears

I’m sure Mr. T has got some more sweet Pop up his sleeve, keep it locked to his MySpace.

I Am Noxious @ MySpace

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I Am Noxious covers Black Eyed Peas


I Am Noxious is fast becoming something of a regular here at electronic rumors, his brand of intimate Lo-Fi SynthPop is defiantly one of our tips for great things this year.

He’s just sent over a new track, it’s a cover of Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta’ Feeling’. A weird choice?, I’ll let him explain it in his own words:

“Yes it’s true. I’ve made my first ever cover… and it’s a cover of one of my least favourite songs ever and now you’ve got my version!

‘I Gotta’ Feeling’ … Originally by The Black Eyed Peas.

I have lots of respect for the Black Eyed Peas and their songwriting and Will.I.Am’s production is unique, but this one just kills a lil’ part inside of me everytime I hear it. That’s probably the reason why I ended up covering it. I guess … I wanted to turn something horrible into something pretty.

I guess it’s more of a mash-up than a cover really cos the mid-8 is from ‘Meet Me Halfway’ which is in-fact one of my favourite pop tunes of 2009! Excellent combination!”

It actually really works! In fact, I would go so far as to say that Mr. Noxious injects some real feeling, some real soul into the song.

I Am Noxious – I Gotta’ Feeling (Black Eyed Peas Cover) (zShare) (MediaFire)

As ever, if you haven’t yet go check I Am Noxious on MySpace.

I Am Noxious @ MySpace

I Am Noxious’s video for ‘This Is A Ballad’

After a slight battle with the technicalities of YouTube, which he documented on his Twitter feed, London’s BedroomPop rising star I Am Noxious has dropped this self-made video for his track ‘This Is A Ballad’.

Atmospheric in it’s simplicity it just goes to show that with enough vision you don’t need a budget to create something visually interesting and fitting to the music.

Other unsigned bands should take note! And everyone else should check I Am Noxious’s MySpace.

I Am Noxious @ MySpace

I Am Noxious starting fires!


UK Lo-Fi SynthPop producer I Am Noxious has got in touch with us to drop his latest recording.

We previously really liked his unique brand of introspective Synth bedroom Pop and his new tune defiantly delivers on his previous materials promise.

‘Watch My Ship Go Down’ is an intimate track that would work just as good on the dancefloor as it does in headphones as every element seems to slot into place perfectly. The glitchy beats, the piano, the soulful vocals, it all adds up to a thing of electronic beauty.

I Am Noxious – Watch My Ship Go Down (zShare) (MediaFire)

I am expecting in the coming months for I Am Noxious to be mentioned in the same sentences as the likes of Penguin Prison, ‘til then show him some MySpace love.

I Am Noxious @ MySpace

I Am Noxious


I Am Noxious is another one of those gems I’ve been meaning to write about for some time and seeing as how it’s been a quite day and the next few days really won’t be I thought now would be a nice time to write some words. Also, the man of mystery himself has just dropped a new tune ‘Stranded On Love’.

The British purveyor of quirky, left field, ElectroPop really manages to convey feeling in his tunes in the kind of way that makes you think the song came first, before the electronics.

There’s a really easy comparison to Hot Chip here, but that’s not really lazy writing, fans of The Chip will defiantly dig I Am Noxious’ heartfelt lyrics and honest vocal style just as fans if intricate Electronica will dig the beats.

I Am Noxious – Stranded On Love (zShare) (MediaFire)

I Am Noxious – We Pray (zShare) (MediaFire)

I Am Noxious – Left & Right (zShare) (MediaFire)

I Am Noxious – This Is A Ballad (zShare) (MediaFire)

So show the fella’ some MySpace lovin’:

I Am Noxious @ MySpace