Some X-mas cheer from I Am Noxious…kinda’

More X-mas tunes for you, this time courtesy of our favourite Bedroom Pop producer I Am Noxious.

Or is it an X-mas tune? In Mr. Noxious’ own words “It’s a X-mas song. Well it’s not really. But it’s got bells, a melancholic pop melody, naive lyrics and the word “Snowman” in the song title so basically it is… But it’s not.

Well, it sounds X-massy to me, in that particular self-deprecating British way all the best 80’s X-Mas Pop tunes were. With it’s nice use of electro toms and arpeggios in a sleigh-bell kinda’ way and it’s optimism-in-the-face-of-adversity it seem to me to sit in the same X-mas category as Jona Lewie’s ‘Stop The Cavalry’. Or maybe, as the listener, I am just as naive as the metaphorical titular snowman, but this song makes me think of School Discos and mistletoe.

I Am Noxious – The Snowman

Keep an eye on I Am Noxious’ MySpace, I’m sure he has big plans for the new year!

I Am Noxious @ MySpace

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