[Audio] I Am Noxious’ ‘Watch My Ship Go Down’


I Am Noxious

It’s been absolutely ages since we heard anything from Danish artist I Am Noxious. We honestly didn’t;t know is he was still in the business or not. His deeply introspective brand of Bedroom Pop has been with us almost since out inception, beck when Bedroom Pop was a recognized ‘thing’. So, it was a surprise to us when he delivered a brand new tune into our inbox, Watch My Ship Go Down. A tune with proves he’s lost none of his reflective flair, but adds a little bombast to the mix.

Listening to Watch My Ship Go Down you can quite easily slip back into the I Am Noxious groove. That comfortable, personal vibe given off by his music is still present in these new recordings. It’s a pensive track, resting on a combination of toytown beats and gently piano supported by swirls of vintage sounding synths. T’s vocals convey an intimate quality, as with the best Bedroom Pop, but Watch My Ship Go Down also has a surprisingly euphoric chorus up it’s sleeve. A great Monday morning track.

♫ I Am Noxious – Watch My Ship Go Down

Check out more from I Am Noxious on SoundCloud.

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