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When last we checked Liskka were an all girl trio, now we’re not so sure. Formed from the ashes of Boy/Girl swirly Indie-Electro outfit Happy Hunting, Jana Tyrell enlisted Susie Wedderburn and Hannah Ashman to form her new group, launching with the effervescent As It Goes (I Give). Now, however, it appears that Liskka are, well, a Boy/Girl Indie-Electro outfit (again). The giveaways being copious amounts of male vocals on the new tracks and a Mr. Rick David listed as Jana’s other band member. Anyway, whatever the make up of Jana Tyrell’s band of troubadours; Liskka have just released their début proper EP via Pink Bird Records, a five track affair loaded with experimental Popisms and a wealth of influences.

You’ll find As It Goes (I Give) squeezed onto the end of the EP, a cacophonous Future R&B track wrapped in Chillwave duvet. Eclectic percussion meeting girl harmonies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. As with most of the EP, the track battles with chaos and brings the charm out of the noise; at once alarming and enchanting, the track kinda’ gets under your skin.

Of the new tunes present Cold really stood out for us on the EP, a symphony of broken samples, reverb washed chords and ethereal vocals. Still keeping an R&B swing, but pushing it to it’s most unrecognizable limits as Liskka’s sonic experimentalism layer the organic with the synthetic to haunting effect. The enigmatic arrangement and obscure instrumentation made human by Jana’s versatile voice. Far From Us is more traditionally Shoegaze, a tad to guitary for our tastes and features male vocals prominently; as does the EP’s opener Night Terrors, a perfectly pleasant IndiePop anthem but we do feel Liskka works best with an intangible female voice at the fore.

The self-titled EP’s remaining track, Ghost In The Machine, certainly delivered on everything we love about Liskka and was the other stand out new track in our humble opinion. Building it’s own majesty on an multiform swing groove and a mystical sound pallet. Switching things up a little, Liskka play around with breakbeats and fuller synths as the song builds, resulting in the most powerful track on the EP. Disjointed and dissonant elements coming together in Liskka’s talented hands to create a beautiful whole. Which is much like Liskka in general actually, and the EP in total. Sometimes it doesn’t work, more often it does; and when it does it delivers something truly captivating.

♫ Liskka – Ghost In The Machine

♫ Liskka – Cold

♫ Liskka – As It Goes (I Give)

Liskka’ Liskka EP is out now.

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[Download] Liskka’s ‘As It Goes (I Give)’



Liskka are a brand new trio from London made up of Jana Tyrrell, Susie Wedderburn and Hannah Ashman. Whist it’s not mentioned in their bio anywhere, don’t think the fact that Jana was previously more familiar to us as part of Happy Hunting as escaped us. Her new endeavour is every bit as enchanting and hard to describe at that was. Check out As It Goes (I Give) below.

As It Goes (I Give) is the first of a handful of tracks to be unleashed this month leading up to the release of their début EP later in August. It’s a melting pot of so many different influences it;s actually quite hard to pin down. There’s a Chillwave-y haze to the track, but As It Goes (I Give) owes more to Pop and R&B sensibilities than it’s hazy brethren. Awash with lush synths and exotic purcussion, the track could easily get out of control, but Liskka keep everything tight and powerful and Jana switched between a gentle and dynamic vocal delivery. It hard to say exactly what Liskka are before we’ve heard more, but of now out interest is piqued.

Liskka – As It Goes (I Give)

Liskka’s début EP is out later this month.

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Happy Hunting

Happy Hunting

The mysterious and enigmatic Happy Hunting recently released their début EP, ‘Pitchblack, containing four tracks of interesting and involving art Pop.

This London based Duo manage to walk the thin line (if there is a thin line there?) between haunting and catchy. Although not quite Shoegaze-esque wall-of-sound, Happy Haunting’s eclectic and experimental strain of Indie-Electro is, at times, more soundscape than song, but a sweet and soulful vocal always seems to keep the tracks in line. The end result is a collection of songs that are both indicate, complex music labyrinths and infections Pop tunes. ‘Pitchblack’ is a pretty impressive début.

♫ Happy Hunting – My Life Is A Mess

♫ Happy Hunting – This Love

The ‘Pitchblack’  EP is out now.

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