Happy Hunting

Happy Hunting

The mysterious and enigmatic Happy Hunting recently released their début EP, ‘Pitchblack, containing four tracks of interesting and involving art Pop.

This London based Duo manage to walk the thin line (if there is a thin line there?) between haunting and catchy. Although not quite Shoegaze-esque wall-of-sound, Happy Haunting’s eclectic and experimental strain of Indie-Electro is, at times, more soundscape than song, but a sweet and soulful vocal always seems to keep the tracks in line. The end result is a collection of songs that are both indicate, complex music labyrinths and infections Pop tunes. ‘Pitchblack’ is a pretty impressive début.

♫ Happy Hunting – My Life Is A Mess

♫ Happy Hunting – This Love

The ‘Pitchblack’  EP is out now.

Buy Happy Hunting’s music from:

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