[Download] Liskka’s ‘As It Goes (I Give)’



Liskka are a brand new trio from London made up of Jana Tyrrell, Susie Wedderburn and Hannah Ashman. Whist it’s not mentioned in their bio anywhere, don’t think the fact that Jana was previously more familiar to us as part of Happy Hunting as escaped us. Her new endeavour is every bit as enchanting and hard to describe at that was. Check out As It Goes (I Give) below.

As It Goes (I Give) is the first of a handful of tracks to be unleashed this month leading up to the release of their début EP later in August. It’s a melting pot of so many different influences it;s actually quite hard to pin down. There’s a Chillwave-y haze to the track, but As It Goes (I Give) owes more to Pop and R&B sensibilities than it’s hazy brethren. Awash with lush synths and exotic purcussion, the track could easily get out of control, but Liskka keep everything tight and powerful and Jana switched between a gentle and dynamic vocal delivery. It hard to say exactly what Liskka are before we’ve heard more, but of now out interest is piqued.

Liskka – As It Goes (I Give)

Liskka’s début EP is out later this month.

Check out more from Liskka on SoundCloud.

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