It appears to be that time again…Nintendo are putting out another Pokémon game, for the Nintendo DS and to celebrate this auspicious occasion Vice Magazine have teamed up with Nintendo and commissioned seven artists to present their interpretation of Nintendo’s little critters.

Put together in an exhibition titled Re:Pokémon that take’s place at Shoreditch’s Blackall Studios from 24th-31st March, all seven pieces, including the above by Jon Burgerman will be on display.

Not only are Vice Magazine and Nintendo running a competition to win both new games and a DS but they are also throwing a launch party with Filthy Dukes, Friendly Fires and Real Gold gracing the decks that you can win tickets for!

Head on over to to check out the artwork and enter the competition.

[Via Vice Magazine]



In a sad week for fans of Pop music, pop-culture or, more specifically, graphic design, it was announced on Tuesday that The Designers Republic™ has closed it’s doors after 23 years.

mitDR founder Ian Anderson gives his thoughts on the matter and where The Designers Republic go from here in this article, where he promises tDR isn’t dead.

In it’s two decades, plus, tDR was always innovative and always ripped off and spearheaded many styles that came to represent pop-culture moments in time.

The Designers Republic created instantly recognisable visuals for, amongst many others, Pop Will Eat Itself, Age Of Chance, Warp Records, Moshi Moshi, MTV, Many PlayStation games (most notably Wipeout and Grand Theft Auto), Murry & Vern, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada Fluke, Funkstörung, The Orb and Pulp!

They will be sorely missed, but I’m sure Ian and co. will have more in store, the interview point toward him wanting to get back to his roots.

The Designers Republic™