Goin’ Old School: John Foxx, New Order & Gary Numan

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

Later this week we’ll be shutting up shop for a while, as we are off to Bestival. More on that tomorrow but today’s Goin’ Old School highlights three classic SynthPop acts who will be appearing at Bestival this weekend, starting with ex-Ultravox dark Electro pioneer John Foxx and 1980’s He’s a Liquid.

Headlining Bestival on the Saturday are New Order. Here’s the Arthur Baker produced Confusion from 1983.

And finally SynthPop pretender Gary Numan kicks of Bestival on Thursday night. This is his finest moment, 1985’s Call Out The Dogs.

You can buy most of this  music from:


Gary Numan plays ‘Cars’ on cars

Car battery makers DieHard have roped in Mr. Gary Numan to pimp out their latest line of batteries.

In this commercial one battery powers 24 cars, 2 keyboards and 1 Gary Numan in a rendition of his classic 1979 tune ‘Cars’.

Directed by James Frost of Zoo Films, there was a bit of controversy over whether it was car horns or .mp3 recordings of car horns being played but Adam Sadowsky, President of Synn Labs, who put together the 96 wheeled keyboard stated: “We absolutely used horns to play the notes live. We couldn’t use the horns in that came in the cars because they weren’t tuned properly, so we tuned our own and put them into the car’s engine compartments.”

So, there you go.

Gary Numan @ Beatport

Gary Numan @ Juno

Gary Numan @ 7Digital

Gary Numan @ Amazon

[Via: Wired & Gizmodo]

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