AXXE team up with FlashWorx to cover the theme from Grease…and it’s awesome!

Canadian DiscoPop duo AXXE have teamed up with FlashWorx to help us kick start 2011 with their latest offering, a cover of the Frankie Valli penned theme song from 1978’s Grease.

Now, when I first heard from AXXE’s Doug that they had covered ‘Grease (Is the Word)’ I was slightly hesitant, I mean, that could go really badly. It could be cheesetastic. Thankfully all my fears disappeared on hearing the track! The team have actually done wonders, taking such a recognisable, and kitsch, track and making a seriously powerful electronic groove. They effortlessly make it so cool that you start to wonder why no-one has done it before.

Once you get into the track it’s amazing how well the song lends itself to electronic dance music, or at least how well AXXE and FlashWork have shaped it into a dancefloor epic. The vocal melody in the verse just begs to be belted out over a kickin’ Electro bassline, and that’s just what you get, surrounded by shimmering 80’s synth work. This track works awesomely as both a party tune and as some slick late night listening.

Enjoy…loud! And Happy New Year!

AXXE (Feat. FlashWorx) – Grease (Is The Word) 2011

AXXE’s ‘Mainstream’ EP is out now.

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