Fanny Games’ new single

Fanny Games

Out today is the new single from London-based Italian ElectroDisco nutjobs Fanny Games. LApo Frost and James Brivido are regularly tearing it up across the capital (including making some noise while I was trying to launch an album) and are now ready to unleash their theme song, ‘In The Club (On The Street)’ on an unsuspecting listening public.

Throw Electro-House, Nu-Disco, Italo and French Touch into a blender set to decimate and this is the results. A juggernaut of a tune driven by Vocoded chanting and chainsaw synths. I get that the vocoded vocals are saying “In The Club (On The Street)”, but it sounds a lot like “Intruder Alert” from ‘Talking Android Attack’, one of the first computer games with voice synthesization on the Dragon 32, which actually kidna’ adds to the cool. ‘In The Club (On The Street)’ is a full-on dancefloor destroyer, and surprisingly melodic. reMix duties are covered by Luxar, who starts off with shuffling, fidgety ,beasts but soon warps the track into something more akin to Cosmic Disco with a weird, but funky, mixture of ‘90’s House elements and futuristic galactic voyages. Fanny Games live in a world of their own, if you decide to join them, and we suggest you do, tread carefully. No-one gets out of here alive.

♫ Fanny Games – In The Club (On The Street)

Fanny Games – In The Club (On The Street) (Luxar reMix)

‘In The Club (On The Street)’ is released today on MofoHifi, pick it up at Beatport.

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