[Video] Midnight Echoes’ ‘Fight The Vice’


Midnight Echoes   Fight the Vice   YouTube

Here’s something a little different from French Indie-SynthWavers Midnight Echoes for their track Fight The Vice; a euphoric slice of continental SynthPop

Whereas the SynthWave tradition of cutting and editing videos from 80s Movies and TV shows is starting to get unoriginal and played out, Midnight Echoes go one further and film their own version of a slick Miami Vice-esque action flick.

Check out more from Midnight Echoes on SoundCloud.

[Video] Shit Robot’s ‘We Got A Love’


Shit Robot    We Got A Love  ft Reggie Watts   Official Music Video    YouTube

Here’s the new video for DFA’s Shit Robot’s Reggie Watts featuring, We Got A Love. It comes from a recently released split single with fellow DFA’r The Juan MacLean and it’s a pumping Disco breeze.

The video follows just another normal day in the life of a man filled with stars. Pretty hum-drum really.

Shit Robot’s We Got A Love is out now, flip sided with The Juan MacLean’s Feel Like Movin’, grab the 12” here.

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