Monsieur Adi reMixes Ed Drewett

Ed Drewett

French multi-instrumentalist Monsieur Adi is droppin’ bombs this month! After releasing the surprisingly Progressive Youth a couple of weeks ago Adi brings his epic style to British singer/songwriter Ed Drewett’s Quirk-Pop ballad Good Morning.

Working with a mid-tempo, emotionally charged, track really lets Adi show off his orchestration chops. I know, I know, we’re always going on and on about Adi’s orchestration, but the man totally destroys all competition when it comes to this. Why he isn’t one of the world most sought-after string arrangers I don’t know. Drewett’s R&B tinged delivery id worked, effortlessly, by Adi into his bombastic, rousing track, loaded with pulsating synths and cinematic majesty. Surely it time for Adi to blow up now?

♫ Ed Drewett – Good Morning (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Ed Drewett’s Good Morning is out now.

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