Ben Mono & Idiotronic reMixed by Justin Faust and Housquare

Ben Mono & Idiotronic

Ben Mono & Idiotronic’s 1992 EP was released earlier this year. A deep ‘90’s influenced club track. Deep is a bit of an understatement really, the bass, the vocals, everything was such a low down groove. The EP is getting a reMix release next week with work from Rambla Boys, Voxels, Krmpck and these two gems from Justin Faust and Housquare.

Both mixed take things back to the ‘90’s, but in different styles. Faust plays on the deep Chicago vibe and brings it up to date slightly. A hypnotic hook dominates the track, and dominates your consciousness while it’s playing. You can help but move to this track, there’s something infectious about it that just demands, at the very least, a head nod. Housquare take a big ‘90’s post-Rave House track, all staccato riffs, vocal snatches and 909 snare rolls. This is pure nostalgia, and I’ll admit, puts a smile on my face. There’s just something about those sounds, and those techniques, that take me back.

♫ Ben Mono & Idiotronic – 1992 (Justin Faust reMix)

♫ Ben Mono & Idiotronic – 1992 (Housquare reMix)

Ben Mono & Idiotronic’s 1992 reMixes EP is released 16th July.

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