Lueur Verte reMixes Arcade High


The Maddie Ardillo featuring Crush was one of the highlights of Pittsburgh’s SynthWave export Arcade High’s recent album The Art Of Youth. As seeing as how it’s was an all round excellent album that’s really saying something. So good was it that French retro Electro master Lueur Verte couldn’t keep his hands off it and delivers a stunning, hazy, rework of the tune.

Lueur Verte brings all his skills to the table here, crafting a delicious dream of a track. Sweet vintage synth lines crash against the Italo beats like waves of nostalgia. Each wash conjuring the mood of decades gone by. The synths sparkle, the bassline bounces along, the chords are rich and emotive, Lueur Verte plays to his strengths and works the vocal to bring out a new kind of passion in the performance. Uplifting and euphoric. There are some who are right at the top of the 80’s synth scene, Lueur Verte is definitely one.

Arcade High (Feat. Maddie Ardillo) – Crush (Lueur Verte reMix)

Arcade High’s The Art Of Youth is out now.

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Arcade High’s ‘On The Edge Of Summer’

Arcade High

Late last month we reviewed Pittsburgh SynthWave producer Arcade High’s début album The Art Of Youth and was very impressed. The man must be a workaholic, the album is only just out and he’s already dropping new tunes.

On The Edge Of Summer picks up the pace and injects some feel good vibes into Arcade Highs work. Just from the title you can infer what to expect here. Sunshine nostalgia in synthesizer form, this is a track with a slight Dreamwave feel to it and a carefree attitude that come across in playful melodies and a smooth, laid back, rhythm section. Stick this track on, lie back, and relax.

Arcade High – On The Edge Of Summer

Archade High’s The Art Of Youth is out now, for free!

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Arcade High’s début album

Arcade High

Pittsburgh based SynthWave artist Arcade High’s music is a cross between the kinda of SynthWave we are used to, influenced my ‘80’s TV and Movie themes, and the adrenaline chaos of video game arcades a couple of decades ago. Prepare for sweet lead lines with a ChipTune edge with his début album The Art Of Youth.

Appropriately the into track is called ‘Inset Coin’ and after a selection of 8-bit sounds we are dropped into the first song proper, Miami Nights. It’s in this track that you start to get a feel for Arcade high. Rich retro synths build thick, nostalgic sound full of synth flourishes and uplifting progressions. There’s something thoughtful and pensive about Arcade High’s music, despite his neon flashing muse. The albums highlights, for us, were 1987, a deep boogie of a cop show theme tune with a video game lead line amidst the shimmering synths. Electric City is digital bassline gold, growling like an angry Italo beast and providing a core for the Disco-esque lead line to play around it’s space. The surprise track of the record was Crush, the albums only vocal track that enlists the voice of Maddie Ardillo and delivers a catchy Italo slow-jam with a ‘90’s Indie overtone. The whole eleven tracks of The Art Of Youth are worthy of your attention, a strong début for Arcade High. Did we mention it was free?

Arcade High – Miami Nights

Arcade High – 1987

Arcade High – Electric City

Arcade High (Feat. Maddie Ardillo) – Crush

Archade High’s The Art Of Youth is out now, for free!

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