Arcade High’s ‘On The Edge Of Summer’

Arcade High

Late last month we reviewed Pittsburgh SynthWave producer Arcade High’s début album The Art Of Youth and was very impressed. The man must be a workaholic, the album is only just out and he’s already dropping new tunes.

On The Edge Of Summer picks up the pace and injects some feel good vibes into Arcade Highs work. Just from the title you can infer what to expect here. Sunshine nostalgia in synthesizer form, this is a track with a slight Dreamwave feel to it and a carefree attitude that come across in playful melodies and a smooth, laid back, rhythm section. Stick this track on, lie back, and relax.

Arcade High – On The Edge Of Summer

Archade High’s The Art Of Youth is out now, for free!

Buy Arcade High’s music from:

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