Aminova’s new EP


Welsh Playmaker SynthWave artist Aminova has just dropped a brand new EP. Really hot on the heels of his last single, Body Double, this new five track record come just weeks after his previous release release. Is Aminova become prolific? He certainly looks like he’s becoming a workaholic. Have no fear though, from the sound of the Variants EP it appears he can keep up the quality, and that’s what counts.

From the EP’s into, Edges, an undulating multi-layered synthesizer instrumental, you know you’re in for an electronic treat. Edges intertwining melodies soon give way to Cut Glass Accent, a smooth slice of Italo tinged digital Funk. The melodic bassline is really something in this tune which, alongside a handful of B-Boy Electro percussive flourishes give the track a real subway vibe that is the prefect backing for the meticulously crafted leads. Places pulls you back into a deeper flow with ringing, haunting synths set against a gentle Italo rhythm section. A beautiful peice with a slight edge to it, both a hint of melancholy and a sense of optimism. Next up Amoureuse immediately floors you with a Sci-Fi bassline and draws you in with it’s melding of Cut Glass Accents groove and Places ethereal qualities, the real culmination track on the EP it’s five minutes of synthesizer heaven. The EP plays out with Corners a dreamlike canvas on which thick layers of synth tones and textures are painted to ease you out of the listening experience. Aminova is getting better and better with each release, and fast becoming one of the name to look out for on the SynthWave scene.

♫ Aminova – Cut Glass Accent

♫ Aminova – Palaces

♫ Aminova – Amoureuse

Aminova’s Variants EP is out now.

Buy Aminova’s music from:

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