[Audio] Edwin Van Cleef’s ‘Choral’



Original releases from Edwin Van Cleef are too few and far between for our linking so were pretty excited at the news of a brand new three track EP. We’ve followed Cleef on his dancefloor journey through Dreamwave, Nu-Disco and House over the fast few years; each time, as his sound evolves, he takes a piece of the past with him to create a funky melting pot of nostalgia and upfront sounds. The new EP is titled Choral; here’s the lead track.

Cleef serves up a classic Progressive House jam with a hypnotic twist on Choral. Playing with heavily effected vocals he created an edgy atmosphere that nicely contrasts a euphoric and arpeggio laden floorfiller. This is real sunrise stuff as Cleef builds up waves of razor sharp synths toward a humungous breakdown and a build with a payoff. watch the hands go in the air for the finale.

♫ Edwin Van Cleef – Choral

Edwin Van Cleef’s Choral EP is out now.

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