[Download] Vonavi’s ‘Travel Freak’



Vonavi is a Ukrainian producer who making some of the most crazy, left-field Disco tunes you’ll have heard in a long time. He’s just about to release his début album through Keenhouse’s Sunlinxx label. The self-titled record is an ecclectic twelve track oddessy though dancefloor insanity and is pre-ceded but this free download of the record’s lead single, Travel Freak.

Travel Freak is the prefect vessel to show off the albums experimental attitude to dance music. Pinned down by a smooth Funk groove, the track plays with genre conventions and expectations by swinging from laid back poolside Disco vibes to avant-garde synthesizer freeform. This is Disco come experimental jazz and a must listen for fans of vintage progressive synthesizer works. Although the album has one foot on the dancefloor, the club might not be the best arena for it. Whist it might not contain any go to DJ weapons, it certainly makes for sweet Sunday listening.

Vonavi – Travel Freak

Vonavi’s self titled début is released 18th November.

Buy Vonavi’s music from:


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