[Audio] Blank Paper’s ‘Whip’



Brooklyn SynthPoppers Blank Paper’s new tune sees them setting the scene for their eagerly awaited new EP. After a string of well received tunes, this foursome are finally set to unleash the real thing. Having previously treated us to Step Into My Office and Ambien Blank Paper bring us something a little more soulful. This is Whip.

Whip sneaks a little R&B flavour into Blank Paper’s spikey SynthPop. Guiding their 80s influenced sound into more Electronic Soul of the era’s territory, Blank Paper deliver their usual icy keys and live drunk, but this time add  a bit of swing and a touch of boogie. It forms a nice contract with Marie Kim’s cutting vocal delivery and the stabbing chorus is pure nostalgia. Black Paper have been a bit of a dark horse in recent months and we’re left with the feeling that we’re looking forward to their EP a lot more that we were expecting to. Bring on July.

♫ Blank Paper – Whip

Blank Paper’s new EP is out 1sy July.

Check out more from Blank Paper on SoundCloud.

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