[Audio] Blank Paper’s ‘Step Into My Office’


blank paper

We featured new music from Brooklyn SynthPoppers Blank Paper earlier this month with the lead track form their forthcoming new EP, Ambien. Here’s the second tune taken from the release. It’s called Step Into My Office and paints a business like metaphor for getting closer to a special someone; wich feels odd to us, we’ve always knows asking someone to “step into your office” as a metaphor for dumping someone. Oh, how the Atlantic separates us.

As with Ambien, Step Into My Office is a lush and woozy slice of very 80s ElectroPop. A churning synth bassline stagers the track forward like a drunken robot, dragging with it rich vintage synths and spacious melodies. Marie Kim’s vocals are pure 80s joy, a decade which loved an awkward metaphor, flowing over the track with an upbeat optimism that hides a slight air of menace. Another awesome tune from Blank Paper, we’re very much looking forward to the EP.

♫ Blank Paper – Step Into My Office

Blank Paper’s new EP is out this summer.

Check out more from Blank Paper on SoundCloud.

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