[Download] Avec Sans reMixes HAERTS’ ‘Hemiplegia’



Now this is a very interesting combination. Carefree New York ElectroPoppers HAERTS being reMixed by out favourite London based duo Avec Sans. Not only are both acts superb, but they are almost trans-Atlantic twins. Avec Sans are a little more cerebral that HAERTS, but they both occupy a similar space on the music spectrum. Although HAERTS are distinctly Brooklyn sounding and Avec Sans are incredible British in their SynthPop they are almost counterparts. And both amazing. So this is bound to be awesome.

Taking on the lead track of HAERTS recent EP, Hemiplegia, Avec Sans gruff things up a bit with a relentless dance beat and growling synth bass. Avec Sans take the bouncy 80s-esque chorus and run with it, stripping it of it’s Indie pretensions and allowing it to fulfil it’s nostalgic SynthPop destiny. The soundtrack to our weekend, Avec Sans have delivered another stunning slice of ElectroPop that further cements their position as one of the UK’s brightest rising stars.

♫  HAERTS – Hemiplegia (Avec Sans reMix)

HAERTS’ Hemiplegia EP is out now.

Buy HAERTS’s music from:

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