[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Tears’



I should make it absolutely clear tha Sweedish outfit Colleagues aren’t actually my colleagues. I’m nit sure whose colleagues they are, I would presume their won. With actually makes them the most literally named band since 2 Men, A Drum Machine And A Trumpet. I guess they could be called Five Sweedish Colleagues Who Work Together In A SynthPop Band, but that’s a bit of a mouthful.

On to the track! Tears is their second single, and it’s a euphoric four minutes of bliss that takes a The Sound Of Arrows deep ScandiPop sound and gives it an Indie-Electro twist. The synths are all damned chipper and the vocals all heartfelt and earnest. It’d be pretty hard to be in a bad mood with this blaring out of your speakers, dishing out audio candy to everyone in sight.

♫ Colleagues – Tears

Colleagues’ Tears is released 14th April.

Check out more from Colleagues on SoundCloud.

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