[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Talk It Out’



We’re a week or so away from the release of Swedish ElectroPop outfit Colleagues forthcoming EP; Visits. We’ve already had a gander at a couple of the tracks from the release; Tears back in march followed by Somewhere early last month. Both of which have been floating our boat. Now, in the final furlong before their début release, we can take a listen to another glorious slice of chill Pop from Visits; Talk It Out.

Were treated to more of the same dreamy SynthPop with this one. A euphoric track, Talk It Out comes filled to the brim with lush synths and energetic beats. Another heartfelt and passionate vocal performance flow over a tumbling and kinetic synthesizer symphony, resulting in a massively anthemic powerhouse. A future live favourite.

♫ Colleagues – Talk It Out

Colleagues’ Visits EP is out 18th May.

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[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Somewhere’



We hope you all had an awesome long bank holiday weekend, but now it’s time to get back to work, back to the grind; time to face your colleagues once more. Although some colleagues can be a chore to deal with, thankfully some colleagues are pretty chill. Our Swedish Colleagues are of the chill variety; brightening up our workday with their sweet variety of dreamy ScandiPop. They are about to release a brand new EP, Visits, in May; here’s the first cut; Somewhere.

Somewhere is a skippy five minutes of tundra electronics and distant vocals. From the get-go, Colleagues serve up a symphony of machine percussion and piercing, frigid synths tempered with spacious, passionate vocals. A roomy and inviting SynthPop excursion with a sweet DreamPop feel, you should really consider letting Somewhere carry you away somewhere.

♫ Colleagues – Somewhere

Colleagues’ Visits EP is out 18th May.

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[Video] Colleagues’ ‘Tears’



We features Sweedish outfit Colleagues Tears back in March. A euphoric ScaniPop tune that has not gone and got itself a video, if you can imagine such a thing.

The clip features Swedish ‘mime legend’ Bo W Lindström (because ‘mime legend’ is a thing), the clip, directed by Jona Dahl, is a sparse but colourful interpretation of the track. Check out the bit where he makes a bird with his hands; legendary miming!

Colleagues’ Tears is out now.

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[Audio] Colleagues’ ‘Tears’



I should make it absolutely clear tha Sweedish outfit Colleagues aren’t actually my colleagues. I’m nit sure whose colleagues they are, I would presume their won. With actually makes them the most literally named band since 2 Men, A Drum Machine And A Trumpet. I guess they could be called Five Sweedish Colleagues Who Work Together In A SynthPop Band, but that’s a bit of a mouthful.

On to the track! Tears is their second single, and it’s a euphoric four minutes of bliss that takes a The Sound Of Arrows deep ScandiPop sound and gives it an Indie-Electro twist. The synths are all damned chipper and the vocals all heartfelt and earnest. It’d be pretty hard to be in a bad mood with this blaring out of your speakers, dishing out audio candy to everyone in sight.

♫ Colleagues – Tears

Colleagues’ Tears is released 14th April.

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